I didn’t receive any welcome text?

Often, it may take some time before welcome messages come through to a new SIM card.

Upon inserting your SIM card, you should receive a welcome SMS saying "Welcome to One NZ. To activate your SIM card please click here."

If you are transferring your existing phone number from another provider, you will receive an SMS when this transfer is successful with your account PIN.

If you haven't received any welcome texts, prior to contacting the help centre please try the following steps:

  1. Restart your handset - turn it off and on again to reset the network connection
  2. If you have recently transferred your service from another provider, please note that a loss of service on the day of transfer is normal. For more information, see "Can you give me an update on my existing number transfer to Kogan Mobile?"
  3. If your handset reads "No Service", you may be in one of the few areas not covered by the network. You can check out our network coverage map here.
  4. If you think you may be experiencing an outage, you can check the network status here.
  5. If your handset continues to read "No Service" once you have confirmed you are in an area covered by the One NZ network, and that the network isn't experiencing an outage, this may be an issue with your handset. Please contact the place of purchase for your handset to resolve any handset related issues.

If you still haven't received any welcome texts after going through these steps and need to activate your SIM card, please click here.

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