I need a new phone number as I am being harassed? How can I block someone who is harassing me? Can I blacklist a number?

If you are receiving threatening or harassing calls, your first call should be to the police/emergency services.

If you wish to block a particular phone number from calling you, this can be done at a handset level on some handsets. Please refer to your handset instructions for how this can be done.

If you are receiving nuisance or abusive calls, contact our Kogan Mobile Customer Support team and we can assist you in raising this through the proper channels.

We'll need a few things to investigate:

● The caller's number - if it's not blocked
● Have you called the police? If so, please provide the name of the officer and station you called and any reference numbers they gave you
● Have you requested an unwanted calls investigation from us before? If so, when?
● At least three (3) examples of calls answered or messages received within a 48-120 hour (2-5 days) period OR at least ten (10) examples in the last 24 hours. All examples must include exact times, dates, and call duration (if applicable)
● A description of the language used (or type of pictures/videos) and tone of the calls or SMS. For example, are calls ‘threatening’ or ‘abusive’ etc. As much as you can remember
● Consent for your number to be released to the caller. As part of the investigation, the caller may be sent letters requesting they stop unwelcome communications to your number so we need your consent to do this. These letters won't include your name

It is important to note that private ID numbers can be traced, however neither Kogan Mobile, nor any other carrier whose subscriber initiated those threatening or abusive calls, will disclose the number to you.

The carrier where the call originated from will be required to notify their customer to stop sending those abusive calls, and if the matter continues, they may suspend or terminate the caller's service.

Important info

● Only answered calls and received SMS can be used as examples for an unwelcome calls investigation, or evidence for the police. This includes calls where voicemail is left and messages that are diverted to an archive via an app
● To use voicemail as examples, you’ll need to tell us the time the message was left, not the time you listened to it. If you're not sure what time the call was made, you can listen to the messages - you'll hear the time it was left at the beginning of the message. Be sure to save the message if you do listen to it
● We can't give out any information on the caller, under privacy laws
● We can't investigate calls or messages that happened more than 30 days ago
● We can't investigate calls from overseas numbers
● Apple users note: iMessage can't be used for investigation (as they use data, not SMS). You can switch iMessage off to ensure that your messages are received as a standard SMS, which we are able to investigate
● Calls (including video calls) and messages received through third party instant messaging apps can't be used as examples. These apps use data, not the Kogan Mobile voice or SMS network, so there's no record of the caller/sender

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