I can’t call overseas numbers?

By default, only calls to standard landline and mobile numbers in New Zealand and Australia are included in your unlimited calls plan.

If you want to call overseas, you’ll need to add an International Calls Add-On to your plan.

For more information on International Calls Add-On charges, please click here.

If you have this activated and are still having issues, please ensure you are using the country's dial code, and 00 as your exit code.

The format of this dial should be 00 + country code + phone number including any area code.

For example, calls to Hong Kong would follow the format of: 00 + 852 (country code) + area code (02, 03, 07, etc. minus the 0) + telephone number.

Example: dial 00 852 3 1234 5678 to call 03 1234 5678.

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