I can make calls, but can’t send/receive SMS, MMS or access the internet (Apple iOS)?

If you’re unable to access the internet from your device despite having an active Prepay Plan with data entitlements, you may need to manually enter the APN settings on your device.

APN (Access Point Name) settings are used by your device to connect to the internet, as well as to send/receive MMS messages, over the Kogan Mobile network. 

Please follow the steps outlined below to manually enter the APN settings:

Instructions for Apple iOS devices: (If you have an Android device, click here)

  1. Press ‘Settings’
  2. Press ‘Mobile’
  3. Press ‘Mobile Data Network’
  4. Press ‘APN’ and enter the below settings*
    *Any blank spaces are to be left blank intentionally. The settings page may differ slightly between different handsets and operating system versions. 


  5. When finished, press the left arrow to save the settings
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