How do I cancel my Prepay Plan?

Of course we’re sad to see you go, but there’s a few things to keep in mind before you take off.

If you’re transferring your number to a new service, you will need to let them know your Kogan Mobile service number and personal details that match our records prior to cancelling your account with us. Your new provider will contact us and we’ll assist with the release of your number without hassles.

Please be mindful that all Kogan Mobile services are prepay and non-refundable. If you choose to leave Kogan Mobile before the end of your prepay period, or have any unused entitlements, you will lose all unused entitlements in your current Prepay Plan once your number has been deactivated or transferred to a new provider.

If you’re not transferring your number to a new service, please be mindful of the following:
* you will lose your Kogan Mobile service number,
* you will forfeit any remaining entitlements on your Prepay Plan,
* any saved voicemails will be deleted,
* you will be unable to use your Kogan Mobile SIM card for any future Kogan Mobile services.

If you’d still like to proceed with the cancellation and you are not taking your number with you to a new provider, contact Customer Support here.

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