My phone didn't work while roaming - I want a refund

First, please ensure the country you visited is part of the eligible list of roaming countries. If the location you visited is not on this list, please note that we do not provide roaming services to this country.

Also, please doublecheck that the voucher for your roaming pack was redeemed correctly during the time use was planned.

If by Credit/Debit Card

1. Login to your Kogan Mobile account by clicking here
2. Click Purchase Add-Ons from your account summary
3. Select the Add-On you wish to purchase and click Continue
4. Select your preferred payment method and click Confirm & Pay

The next screen will show your successful purchase information, including your order reference number. You will also receive a confirmation email shortly after.

If by Voucher
If redeeming an International Roaming Add-On voucher, please do so in the same manner as if you were redeeming a Prepay Plan Voucher Code.

1. Login to your Kogan Mobile account by clicking here
2. Click Renew from your account summary
3. Enter your unique Voucher Code in the field provided

If you have purchased an International Roaming Data Add-On, ensure that your mobile data functionality has been turned on, and you are in a location with sufficient reception.

If this all appears to be correct, please contact our Kogan Mobile Customer Support team here.

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